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I don't know I've read the comments that you posted about how awful rapid auto loan was with you. I fortunately have never had any of those problems they've always worked with me yes I've gotten those recordings but they always tell me just ignore them as long as I make my payment by the extended. I'm fine I've dealt with them 3 or 4 different times and I've always gotten in touch with somebody I've never had to wait longer than 2 minutes...
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I put up my car up for a loan, due to me being a couple months late on payment, they reported it to DMV, in which a hold was put on my registration at the time of when I was due to renew.I paid off the loan just not the highway robbery interest. Due to all that, my car sat, unused, accumulated issues due to not being driven. I finally called & told them to just pick up the car, as it's collateral, bc the mechanical issues were not worth it. I...
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BIG mistake, I was on my way to worK, (my 2nd day on the job) & was pulled over because my license was suspended since their insurance was just to cover their own butts. Why would he ask me if I was paid 6 in advance if it didn't matter? $389 later I get my car out of the impound rapid auto loan is a disgrace. Then when I go to pay it off in full they say oh you don't know any payments until June so they're charging me Interest as if I let...
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*not pissed* consumer.I took a $600 loan on my Volkswagen. It has costed me $100 a month for the last 10 months..I have two months to go (so I will have paid $1200 total - double what I borrowed) ..so yes, the interest sucks..but I have never had issues with their customer service. They helped me when I needed it - when my credit was bad and needed a loan. 10 months later, I have built my credit, and I'm 2 months away from having my cars title...
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I did a loan in 2015 for 1,450 on my 2,000 Dodge Ram 3500 dually 24v Cummings diesel , their contract states that you must make payment on their card provided by them via online payment , at Walmart or 7eleven , and that outside of using their payment card any other form of payment will not be credited to the account , I tried making the 1st payment threw all avenues provided in contract and none of them worked with this card I was provided , I...
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Rapid Auto Loan Auto Loan Review

Rude, tell lies, have no idea what they are doing. And over charge you and unable to explain where the charges came from. They need to be stopped.